A Today Christian


What you know about those Steel Reserve 211’s
I’m not the type of Christians that acts
42 ounces for 2.80 after tax
I wouldn’t be a Christian if I didn’t quote facts
But trust me, it’s nothing I’m proud of
I should be dead, thank the Good Lord Above
I’m not the most caring but thank God for His Love
Pastor saying I’m talking good today
Y’all conservatives don’t wanna have church today
Y’all don’t wanna see The Light
Y’all don’t wanna know The Way
You just wanna talk about grace and prosperity
You just a nice size offering from me
But there’s people who really need a God
And those devils and demons to spare the rod
Some of us got sicknesses and debt
Some of us are telling tomorrow we ain’t got nothing left
Hope is starting to feel more like a winter’s sun
I need the miraculous power of The One
I just wanna be someone before my time is done


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