Not An Exit


Look girl, I know you lie a lot
I know you don’t really try a lot
But it’s fine with me, I understand
We all have a past, things don’t go according to plan

I don’t blame you, I was almost the same
I almost treated every relationship like a game
I almost pushed away every girl that cared for me
I almost thought being with a girl like you could never be

But I know better now and I’m here to stay
I’m here to help you get out of your way
I want you to stay and keep all your promises
I want you to be your best and fight for this


Silent Treatment


Give me another chance
I just want another chance
Move out of your stance
Smile me into a trance

I miss you girl
Yeah I miss ya
I just wanna hug ya
I just wanna kiss ya

Just let go and let me
Just let love and be free
Let’s just try and see
Let’s just be meant to be

Hit me up girl, break the ice
Don’t hesitate, don’t think twice
Hit me with that I miss you text
And let’s just see what happens next

The Fallen


I don’t really know what you were expecting from me
I don’t know who told you there was something to see
But I’m nothing, no one, no more
Question all you want but I have proof so I’m pretty sure
I’m all the rage without a purpose
I’m the definition of a failed mission and worthless
I don’t know when I’ll be redeemed
I don’t know if I’ll ever see anything I wanted or dreamed
But I have feeling it’s not all over yet
I have a feeling I’ll soon be someone you’ll never forget

My Fault


Why is a bottle of wine my only relief
Why am I the only one with this much regret and grief
If I had a dollar for everyone I pushed away
If only you knew how many gave up after they swore they’d stay
But maybe it’s my fault, it usually is
Maybe I’m the one not worth it, maybe I deserve this
At this rate I’ll never have anything, not even a wife
Yeah, it’s pretty safe to say I’ve ruined my life



You know what game I’m playing huh
And what game would that be
The game where I tell the truth you can’t handle
The game where you try to turn things around on me

I’m sorry but no one’s playing games here
At least no one besides you
You know, the games you’ve been playing for years
The games you never wanna admit are true

The game where you make me believe everything you say
The game where you don’t mind giving me the time of day
The game that ends as soon as you’re offended
The game where you disappear because you didn’t like how it ended

Is that the game you’re talking about
Is that what all this attitude and self-esteem is about
What, are you mad because you never win
Are you mad because I’ve exposed you again

I’ll be here


When I was 16 I fell in love with a girl
At 18 I swore she was my everything; my world
A couple of months later my heart got broken
A year and a half later I thought another one was chosen
A couple of months later she left me just like the first
I attempted suicide, I swear that time was the worst
Now I’m trying to make things right with you
Now you question rather or not everything I say is true
You’re spiteful and you think it’s all games
But truth be told you’re exactly the same
Say what you want, do what you gotta do
But you know I’m right, you know everything I say is true
You’re just mad that I made you feel stupid girl
You just hate that that last shot wasn’t from Cupid girl
All that pride and self-esteem, you always have something to prove
All that hurt and rejection, you’ll never drop you guard, you’ll never move
Suite yourself, I’ll be here when you calm down
I’ll be here when you when someone who’ll be real with you around

The Prophecy


I pray the Lord gives you dreams
You will see the days of your past
It will be so real or so it seems
But none of the horrors will last

They will bother you so during the day
They will trouble you throughout the night
And in that torment you will stay
Until you face yourself and decide to fight

But you will not win if you are alone
You will not succeed based off your will
You will need a God you have not known
You will need someone you know is real

Then and only then will you be saved
By faith and trust you shall be healed
Peace and joy I’ve also prayed
That with these things too you will be filled