Trying to get back to love and the season
I am Valentine’s Fall after all
You hate me and I think I know the reason
No matter how much the seasons change I never fall
Still waiting for Mari call
I sincerely hope Carly can forgive me
Meagan could be the one
But it all depends on how she deals with honesty
Honestly I hate being “that guy”
I hate thinking everything you say is a lie
I hate not believing in love
But more importantly I hate being at odds with the Holy one above




Crop top and six inch heels
She has all the dudes in their feels
She’s looks too good to be real
She’s met the devil and made a deal
Potential True loves all in her DM’s
But she doesn’t care about any of them
In love with the attention
Pills and alcohol she has an addiction
Obsessed with money and sin
She has no conviction
She’s already made her decision
Always strutting her stuff
Other girls alway hate but her skin is tough
She likes it rough
She’ll never get enough

“That dude”


People too scared to be to straight up
So I get talked about when I’m not around
Meanwhile I’m bar hopping at midtown
Confessions from a nigga from H-Town
Not concerned about your issues or attitude
I know you think I’m rude
On a mission to put you in the worst mood
I know you hate that I’m “that dude”
Offended but I was just being sarcastic
Please stop acting plastic
Quick to call me an ass or misogynistic
But I was raised by women be realistic
Just another guy trying to live
Willing to give you whatever I can give
But first you have to be willing to forgive



Manic Pt.3


Acting more like V. Fall than Chris
You don’t want any of this
Addicted to alcohol and a persona
Poems aimed at your heart
It was nice to know ya
Manic depression got me losing my shit
I’m not all there
The puzzle pieces in my mind just don’t fit
Text messages getting vulgar
I’m throwing a fit
She’s telling me I need to quit
But I’ve had enough
Things shouldn’t be this tough
I shouldn’t have to try this hard for you to understand
That I’m trying the best I can
I know I’m not who I used to be
But none of this was planned

“I would like to make a toast”


Average girls acting like tens
What was your name again
You really thought we were friends
And I really thought you were a Christian
Waiting for Mari to call
Carly asking about Valentine’s Fall
Addicted to alcohol, make it strong and tall
Late responses, you love to stahl
At the mall acting brand new
Girl I don’t love you
You know tens are what I’m used too
You know all the the things I used to do
Poems sound like a diss track
I don’t care how you act
You’re offended but you know everything I say is fact

Manic Pt.2


Peace and happiness getting hard to find
Cracking under all the pressure on my mind
All the wrong girls pretending to be mine
Average girls who aren’t even that fine
I guess there’s no exceptions
Regardless of their complexion
From white girls to black girls
None of y’all deserve the world
All my honesty starting to backfire
Just 23 but already trying to retire
All my poems hotter than fire
But I’m tired of calling you a liar
I wanna write about hope and love
I wanna get to the Holy One Above
I want your love to be enough
I know you like everything rough
But I’m tired acting tough
On social media calling everyone who call themselves a Christian
What was your tittle again
Tell me how you’re making a change again
Tell me how you love me but act like everything but a friend