Our Shoes

Drinking for some self-esteem and confidence
Been hurt before and haven’t been the same since
Pouring up and burning incense
Praying for the day my generation gets some common sense
Fake feminists complaining about being hit on
Meanwhile my people are getting shot and shit on
Ranting about how the way they’re treated is wrong
Meanwhile we mourn deaths and try to stay strong
Ignorant ass white dudes complaining about welfare
The same dudes that ignored us at the job fair
Then turned around said not one of us was there
And you wonder why we don’t care
About all those smiles you fake
And those white girls that think they’re good for us
We can only assume how much you make
But we know for a fact that it’s way too much


Not Interested

I wanted to try something new
So I took a chance with you
“Hey, you wanna hangout?”
“Sorry, I already have plans to go out.”
“That’s cool, maybe next time”
Not knowing I was just another dude in line
But Monday comes and I’m smarter now
“Wanna make plans?” What’s your excuse now
It’s too early to already have plans
You’re pretty but there ain’t that much demand
To my surprise you decline again
This time you made plans a weeks ago with your other friend
Realizing there’s no way to win
I give up and our friendship comes to an end

Broke College Student

Meditating on the scriptures I just read
Debating giving up and what the good Lord said
I’d much rather drink instead
Sometimes I’d much rather be dead
In school studying science and art
Just another nigga trying to get smart
Just another brother trying to play his part
Getting distracted by girls determined to break my heart
Mixing everything with lemonade
Applying for financial aid
Listening to problems from kids that have it made
Not realizing how bad I wish we could trade

Beauty Beyond Brittney

To the girls I write about and the ones I used to know
It’s nothing personal but I have to let go
Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate all the love you show
But if I keep these hard feelings I’ll never grow
I know it sounds like I hate women
But truth be told I just don’t wanna get hurt again
Told the perfect girl I just wanted to be friends
Because I know every good thing
eventually comes to an end
It’s all love, I hope you can understand
I hope you know I still call you the perfect woman
I hope you know none of this was planned
I hope you know I’m still you’re biggest fan

Fake Love

Drunk enough to be completely real
Let me tell you how I really feel
Let me tell you about the cards Life will deal
Let me tell everything people are too afraid to spill
Used to crush on girls like Britt and BBB
Girls that didn’t even follow me
The reason why I’m not who I used to be
Now only true love can set me free
Trying my best to be optimistic
about the girls I always seem to pick
Balancing hope with being realistic
It’s so hard not to be misogynistic

The “one”

Trying to convince you that I’m right for you
But truth be told I’m more skeptical of you
All too familiar with the stuff girls like you do
I know it sounds bad but you know it’s true
And it’s only with the light skins and whites
I know it’s offensive but you know I’m right
Been thinking about you all day and night
I could be wrong but you seem worth the fight
Truth be told I just want someone who’ll tell me
everything’s gonna be alright

11 p.m. In Hell

Sincerely hoping Britt is okay
But I’ve been thinking about Abby all day
Saw Mari the other day
And had absolutely nothing to say
Asked Nadia if she wanted to catch up
If she responds I’ll finally believe in luck
Addicted to rhyming and pouring up
Remember when I drove that pickup truck
Remember when I was in with Katie
Remember how I thought she was the one for me
Remember when I asked her to marry me
Remember how happy I used to be
Now I regret letting her in
Now I swear I’ll never trust a girl again
Now alcohol is my best friend
Now I’m not sure if I’m still I’m a Christian