When Autumn


I embrace the Spring but yearn for Fall
Brown orange scenes and Winter’s call
When the need for someone starts to burn
And we forget the pain and lesson learned
Clinging to the closest but not the right
Just someone to hold you for a night
And hope true love might find a way
To convince the other to want to stay


The Pale One


Bleach white shirts and pitch black suits
A tree of life with love at the root
They stand around one still and pale
And remember some past smile or tale
No words dare spoken only wind
For these broken hearts that might not mend
Then down to darkness the pale one descends
Only to be seen again when this world ends

Altered Chemistry


You stay present as silence nears
Proclaiming love but yield no tears
For I’m consumed by bitterness
No longer strong but indeed much less

And so Spring comes and darkness fade
Much like the words we said and love we made
But not by our bodies but manipulation
Thus our dysfunction and complication

Holy Couple


And in church walls lust was found
With a glance and smile but not a sound
Conversations of love and holy union
To justify and misguide confusion

With deep blue and dark brown eyes
Saints saw your smiles and forgot your lies
But a mistake was made and you were seen
Looking as though you saw numbers in green

Money no but each other yes
But nothing to promote, encourage or bless
Vanity you convinced yourselves to believe
A deep true love that might never leave