Local Artist


What do you do when the alcohol doesn’t numb the pain
And you swear up and down your seconds always from going insane
Daydreaming about a better life in the pouring rain
What you wouldn’t do for some lottery numbers and some fame
Church people will say all the stuff is vain
But what else are you supposed to wish for when no one knows your name
The sad life of another tortured soul called artists
You might not have a job but you still your hardest
Constantly pouring your heart out for your little website
Post after post of greatness and enlightened sight
But the followers don’t get it and no one else follows
So write a book just collect more disappointment and no’s
No one buys and no one reads
They don’t understand that even a genius has needs
Basic things like gas and phone bill money
And don’t forget the insurance for your little hooptie
Don’t even mention rent, water, and lights
But you have a dream so you keep at all night
Trying to decide if you should kill yourself or wait for the day everything’s alright


Nickels and Dimes


I really don’t wanna pull the race card
Put the times are getting too hard
Reading all these thank you for applying emails
And they wonder we resort to crime and jails
I mean what do you when your rent is due
And the white man isn’t trying to hire you
What do you when realize racism is true
And your brother tells you none of this is new
Like how hard do they wanna us try
Or better yet how bad do they want us to die
I feel like it’s just a matter of time before a cop pulls my card
A couple of shots to the chest and another mother left scarred
But I guess then I’d finally be at peace
Free from this life and body we actually only lease

With you in another life


Sex is always the first thing to cross my mind
I am this society’s male by definition and expectation
Or at least by first glance or impression
But there is something to be said about her
I watch her pictures turn into memories I wish I had
We’ve met before but not by means many would count
Likes, posts, statuses, and the occasional message
In which I can never seem to find a compliment she hasn’t heard
I sincerely love and loathe my habit of daydreaming about Fall and coffee shops
But I cannot imagine our days better spent
Coffee, tea, and sweaters
Overcast skies and orange leaves that are closer to brown
Discussions about something we both have in common, the words
But as interested as I am in the way your mind puts your genius together
Your eyes inspire me to pray that my next sentence doesn’t give me away
You need to know I can multitask with the best of them
It is, in fact, possible to listen and admire at the same time
My lack of depth eventually gives me away
You slowly retract your mind and soul
I catch on but all too late
We eventually leave as friends and I deem myself a fool
On the slippery road back to reality my infatuation wears off
I suddenly have great insights on everything you said
But now I am just another guy

Son of the Dark


I’m torn between night and day
Both angels and demons lay claim
They war over my soul
While I desperately call upon His name

A witch from Salem haunts me
A shadow watches me when I sleep
I’m not Holy enough to cast them out
This darkness surrounding me is deep