The Dating Scene


H-town women out here on a mission
Saying and showing anything to cloud your decision
From the strippers to the ones at the gym
You got two options out here, thick or slim
Your favorite rappers talk about it all the time
The fourth biggest city in the States for a reason
Engineers, athletes and dudes that rhyme
Be one of those and it’s like mating season
The thin line between love and business
You’ll never know until you start spending less
But chances are you’ll end up alone
Very few are okay with commitment and staying at home
All the good ones taken by all the good ones
Montrose and Westheimer full of LGBTs
Everyone else just out here for the money and fun
Everyone out here in super tight jeans or tees




3 a.m. with nightmares about oversized snakes
All my demons on a mission to keep me awake
The audio bible with the gospel on full blast
I’m praying none of these attacks last
Bryn still too busy to respond
Beauty Beyond Bones still as pretty as ever
Amanda still a little conceited and blonde
Mari still looking for someone to love forever
I’m not lonely but I feel like I’m getting close
Funny how you can never have the ones you love the most
I think that might be my part of my problem
I never let myself get attached or say I need them
Conversations about drama and stuff you can’t afford
And you wonder why we’ll never be a thing
Distancing myself to keep from telling you I’m bored
Word of advice, a lack of substance ruins everything
Begging God to protect me from the devil and his demons
I swear they want to kill me, they just need a reason
Apologizing to The Lord for not keeping in touch
Funny how things start going to Hell when you don’t pray as much

The Lord and I


He keeps me safe in the dark
He protects me in utter gloom
He’s prepared a place for me in His Kingdom
A grand and glorious room

He keeps me away from immoral women
And hides me from wicked men
He picks me up when I fall
And leads me away from sin

He keeps wickedness away from me
And foolishness at bay
He teaches me how to love and be wise
Making me righteous for that Glorious Day

Opens my eyes so I can see
And my ears so I can hear
How removes my self righteousness
And makes Himself the one I should fear

His shows me His love and compassion for His children
Reminding me that He died for everyone
He inspires me to share His Good News
Saying, He’s already forgiven us for what we’ve done

A psalm for the Father


The Lord is my God and my Father
When I stray away He calls to me
When I stumble and fall He catches me
Leading me down the path He set for me

How many foolish things have I said
How many evil things have I done
Condemning myself and disgracing The Lord
The Glorious and Holy One

But praise God for His grace
Bless The Lord for His mercy
For He had forgiven me and kept me safe
Showing unfailing love and compassion for me

Oh how wonderful is The Lord
He looks down from Heaven with compassion
He watches us closely with great love
Showing His care with great passion

How precious we are to Him
His children and chosen ones
How great is His love and affection
For He’s forgiven us for all we’ve done

Peace and Love


Told God I was sorry for being so distant
Believe me when I say it can all end in an instant
Just ask the unfortunate fifty from Orlando
Ask them if they knew it was their time to go
But don’t stop there, ask the ones who didn’t make the news
Ask all the unfortunate good kids in the hood
The ones getting shot over dirty looks and shoes
My brothers out there like, “I wish a nigga would”
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying one is more important than the other
My prayers go out to every brother, sister, father and mother
No one should ever have to go before their time
No one should ever lose a love one to someone not in their right mind
Christians behind church walls talking about the last days
Judging the world like they’re so much better off
A bunch of Pharisees stuck in their ways
Making sly comments behind your back or with a cough
But I’m ;ooking for people who want change, peace, and love
I’m looking for Christians who actually act like the Holy One Above
But the more I look the less I find
And the more I ask God for help the more I lose my mind



Still waiting on Bryn to get back to me
Still waiting for that “I’m bored” text from Mari
Mike counting down the days till he comes back to the States
My cousin second guessing his proposal and setting the date
Ashlei letting it all hang out on Instagram
If you didn’t know her you’d think she didn’t have a man
Jack driving around in the Range like, “What’s good fam”
My brother preaching, “Get as much money as you can”
Summer classes and eight something an hour
Society like dreams are cool but money is power
But I don’t buy it, I no showed and quit
I’d rather die looking for my purpose then asking people if their jeans fit
Street photography during the day and poetry at night
Trying to find a way to use them to earn money
Thinking about God, wondering I’m gonna be alright
Hoping stay true to myself is really what’s best for me



I switched up the style, just tell me when you’ve had enough
Back to all that classic “roses are red, violets are blue” stuff
Mari like, “That’s deep. That’s way out there in the ocean”
Kelly on Instagram like, “I wasn’t listening, can you say that again”
Wasting time on daydreams and social media apps
I remember when all did was read the bible and take naps
Funny how darkness always finds a way around the light
Funny how we actually believe each other when we say we’re alright