From Love


I am the reason, I am the why
Live without me and you will die


The Muse


It is you I choose to make my muse
But not for love but a gift I cannot lose
Your smile inspires and your eyes bring dreams
Fantasies of passion and honest things
Like parks of grass and watching clouds
Conversations of love and what life allows
Then perhaps a meal at my abode
A place where we may very well grow old
There is a vague temptation but also rest
I lay my head below your breast
And to another dream I slip away
Thus ending our unrealistic day

ABC’s Pt.1


A is for the Atheist, those poor lost souls
Surprisingly they’re most likely to reach their goals
B is for Baptist, they don’t like the Holy Ghost
Which I why they probably need Him the most
C is for conservatives, those who voted for Trump
Only to watch him take office and take a historical dump
D is Democrat, or liberal crybabies
Isn’t it fun being treated like rabies
E is for Evangelist, those who spread the Word
Quoting the opposite of the last rumor I heard
F is fake, word to a lot you Christians
I recommend reading your bible and trying again
G is God, oh praise His holy name
But isn’t it odd that you still act the same
H is for Hell, you don’t want to go there
But then again it’s not like any of you care
I is for impossible, which most of you are
But so is your God, He’s far from sub par



To be awake
To be alive
My eyes roll back
I won’t survive

This nine to five
Or ten to six
Like Hebrew slaves, we go
To make clay bricks

Our desks the pit
This room a Hell
Coworkers or demons
Not a soul will tell

We pray for breaks
And fast for lunch
We follow standards and procedures
Lest we give a hunch