This is for “you” too


Having another late conversation
You tell me about your daughter’s complications
I honestly just wanna talk about us
But instead I tell you about Jesus
‘Cause honestly you need Him more
Than a guy you don’t really think about anymore
He’s still the love of your life
And even though he fucks around he still calls you wife
Let’s be real, I never had a chance
Let’s be real, I’ll never have that wedding day first dance
You’ll never let yourself be the one
After everything I’ve written about and done
I’m just Valentine’s Fall, I’m just clever
I’ll probably be alone forever


This is for “you”


Met you in North Little Rock
Back when I was into indie rock
We were coworkers at Old Chicago
That place were all the Pentecostals go
But we were far from christians
I was dealing with depression
And you were dealing obsession
With a guy you’re still married too
But honestly he’s never been good enough for you
I Know you hate when I talk like that
But you know it’s too true to take back
You know you’ve done all you can do
You know I’m probably better for you
Reddish brown hair with blue eyes
I bet you’re even prettier when you cry
Hated when I talked about how much I wanted to die
The only friend that answered and made an effort to try
I still remember the day I saw you
Took one look and feel in love with you
And I still the feel the same till this day
Even though I know I’ll never get my way
You’ll never love me but you still stay
Just the thought of you still makes my day

*Middle finger emoji*


Back to the bottle for inspiration
Poems starting to sound like a conversation
Between me, myself and V. Fall
Talking about girls, money and how to have it all
Name dropping ’cause I know you be creepin’
I can’t wait till I blow up on all you niggas sleepin’
Fuck playing games and the race card
I’ve come to far
Cut myself when I younger and put a tatt over the scar
A skull with a cross on forehead
Used to be the tail but now I’m the ahead
Now I spend too much time in my head
Wondering what’ll happen to me when I dead
Back to praying and begging for forgiveness
Trying to make peace and sin less
Determined to be something and try my best
Just to put all the unbelievers and doubters to rest

Pretty Much


Rest In Peace to all the fallen stars
I’m talking about the ones from the eighties
The last generation of gentlemen and ladies
Nowadays we’re only good for issues and crooked ways
Boys and girls that either play games or swing both ways
Filling up the glass to empty out my mind
White people staring at me like I’ve committed a crime
But it’s fine
I know it’s far from my time
I know one day everything will be mine
Yeah it’ll be a while before V. Fall falls
Girl it’s getting late you know should call
You know I like all my conversations late
You know I don’t buy flowers or date
But if you stick around I’ll hold it down
Give you the ring and the crown
How’s that sound

“That girl”


In the backroom cooking up like I sell crack
Drinking every time the sky turns black
New girls blowing up my phone like, “Where ya at”
But Valentine’s Fall is in the lab dressed in all black
Writing about that time I said I loved you
And the time you said you loved me too
And how now you swear you never felt the same
And swear that I’m the one to blame
But girl you know none of that is true
Girls you know there’s nothing I wouldn’t do
Or did, to prove how much I loved you
Be real with yourself, be true
Don’t be the girl I know, be the girl I knew
I loved that girl
I would’ve gave her the world
I would’ve died for her twice
I would’ve been the good guy
The guy she said was so nice

“It’s complicated”


Discussing life over a glass of wine
It’s too bad I’ll never be yours and you’ll never be mine
A couple of glasses later and we lose track of time
But we don’t mind because nowadays a good conversation is hard to find
It seems like I always find myself in this position
Late nights with girls that cloud my decision
Shooting smiles and glances with perfect aim
Treating my heart like something you can catch and claim
But I know how this goes
It’s always just a game
The guards come down just to find out you don’t feel the same
Then a fight breaks out over who’s to blame
And we try to make each other out to be insane
But we both know that’s not the case
We both know we just like the chase

Beauty Beyond the Bullshit


So done with all the fake friends and girls
People who treat their issues like the end of the world
Friends like Beauty Beyond Bones
Girls who love talking about how much they’ve grown
Just a bunch of fake kindness and cliches
Just a bunch of christians with satanic ways
Xo and compliments at the end of every comment
Like I don’t l know what you really meant
Acting like my confidant and friend
Just to ignore me and apologize again
Girls like Steph and Melissa
Got me on some Drake shit
“Girl I love ya but i don’t miss ya”
Friends like Mair and Arely
Talking about how different they are
Just to get expose for being exactly how other girls are
And my brother wonders why I give two shits about love
Only concerned Valentine’s Fall
I’ll never get enough
Up late waiting for Caity to call
Still slinging watches at the mall
Just something to hold me over while I write about having it all