My Call


It’s never enough
It’s about loyalty or love

It’s about fame
It’s about beating the game

Poetry is dead
Or so they said

But I wasn’t born in the wrong time
The gift is none other than mine

I’ll bring it back to life
I’ll bring it back at the expense of riches and a wife

All the hail the Son and praises to Most High
All glory to the Holy Spirit for He is the reason why

The beginning and the end
What I would do just to be called Your friend


The Devil called Silence


The silence acts as God
Like Him it doesn’t spare the rod

It brings memories that could kill me
It mixes lies with honesty

I see my first ex with another girl
I see my second ex with true love and the world

Then I see me with nothing but regret
Then I see me with everything I wish I could forget

I didn’t deserve my past
I did everything I could to make it last

Oh God my God prophecy to me
Tell me and show me Your goodness and grace
Don’t my enemies claim the victory
But bring into Your presence and let me see Your face

“No one knows the time nor hour”


Prophecies speak of the end
Natural disasters have no friends

Mexico weeps for her children
As Puerto Rico suffers The Flood again

Is it the doings of the Lord or the Devil
Is this the deepest part of Hell of just the first level

They justify it with sin but we are all guilty
They blame it many things but we are filthy

God save us all lest we perish
Remember us as Your the children You cherish

The Devil called Time


Time tells tales
Tales of success and fails

Lies that we are great
Judgements because we hate

It gives birth to souls at the wrong time
Such as the life I call mine

So, therefore, I am cursed and doomed
Confined to the bed of a room

A poet to ancient for the modern
A writer to late for the contemporary
Oh how my hearts beats and yearns
For a time too late to appreciate me

The Damned


What is the meaning to any of this
A good life, riches, love, a kiss

Fall comes and goes as does Spring
Our Winters and Summers aren’t worth anything

Like leaves, we grow and will soon die
Absent of the answer or reason why

Some call it sin, some call it fate
Like love, Death is our only true mate

Sinners prayers fall deaf on Heavenly ears
Thus our wars, deaths and many tears

But soon the Grave will claim all that we see
And in a great fire, we all will forever be



Will You make the Fall Holy
Will You show Valentine mercy
Will You use my evil for good
Will You forgive me for not doing what I should

My sins race through my blood and kill my cells
Regret roams like cancer in my bones
My memory has no good stories to tell
The Devil has vowed to never leave me alone

The blame stares me in the face
Consequences say I’ll perish without a trace
Darkness and Death surround my bed
A dream of Hell takes place in head

But look, My Father who saves is here
I begged for forgiveness and He was kind enough to hear
The blood of My Lords covers my body
A light overtakes the dark and awake as Holy



Red wine, love songs, and sex
We share stories about our ex
I have a feeling you’re gonna be next
You take a sip and ignore a text
One thing leads to another like it always does
We don’t wanna admit so we say it’s just because
It could be love if we just gave in
But we’re from a generation that’s determined to never get hurt again