When You Give Love Away


I knew you would leave, I knew you didn’t believe
I knew lies were something you breathe
But I took a chance anyway
I figured you out way back in the day
Back when you told me stuff you didn’t mean
Back when I cared more about love than getting green
Now I know better, now you can’t fool me
Now I know being great means always feeling lonely
But that’s okay with me, now I just want what I deserve
Expecting us to be buddy buddy, girl you got a lot of nerve
I might forgive but I’ll never forget
I’ll never forget how easy it was for you to quit
It’s such a shame, all you had to do was try
But instead you wanted to be cute and lie
Now you’re reaping what you sowed, I wish you the best
I put it all behind me and put whatever’s left to rest


Interracial Love


I’m barely hanging on, I really need you right now
You’re the only one who makes me happy, please don’t ask me how
I honestly don’t know but what I do know is you’re the one I need
You’re the only one who understands the space between the lines others can’t read
I’m always honest with you, I’m never afraid to be myself
I know I’m a lot to deal with and I know I probably need some help
But with you everything is so much better
If I was the world you’d be California weather
I know your hair is blonde and your eyes are blue
I know people see my skin tone and hate me for choosing you
But I don’t care, fuck all those guys foreal
I know what I want and I know how I feel
If you’re the one then girl you’re just the one
I just thank God for giving for someone so perfect after all I’ve done

Mommy Dearest


I know you love me, I know you’re just trying to help
But what you don’t know is you’re the main reason why I don’t love myself
Okay, you’re right we all heard you the first time
Looking for reasons for my depression and you’re the first thing that comes to mind
But you know what, I’m just a broke millennial so what do I know
You know what, I’ve barely been hanging on, what if I just let go
Pinot to the head just to deal with all your nagging and questions
This is all God’s plan in case you forgot, we don’t need your suggestions
I can’t wait for the day I don’t need you at all
I can’t wait for the day I have everything and I never call

“I love you”


I love how you think everything I write is true
I love how make guys love or hate you
I love how you’ll think those lines were jabs
I love how you keep everything I say like tabs
I love how I love you enough to just be your friend
I love how I love you enough to keep trying again
I love how your hair is blond and your eyes are blue
I love how everything about you still feels new
I love how you leave when you get too attached or scared
I love how you even though you left you always cared
I love how Type A and conservative you are
I love how our arguments never leave a scar
I love how much I love you
And I love how you’ll question rather or not that’s true

Taste In Love


If you know me you know a lot of baggage comes with me
And if you really know me you know I use the word “love” sparingly
Don’t mistake the meaning, I promise it’s not what you think
Get it confused and I’ll be gone the next time you blink
I need another drink, make it tall and make it wine
Make her blonde, make her boujee, and make her fine
I’m done with all the Nadia’s and Katie’s aka the brunettes
I’m done with all the experiences I’ll always wish I could forget
But knowing me I’ll never quit, it’s like I like the pain
It’s like I like drinking every night just to stay sane

Wine Confessions Pt.2


It’s a couple of weeks in and things are getting confusing
I don’t think I’ll ever understand the girls I keep choosing
My heart is bruising, breaking and turning cold
It can’t be healthy to be this young and feel this old
Sipping on a glass of Pinot to forget all the debts I owe
Is it just the alcohol talking or is it the truth, I’m too far gone to know
I remember when every thing was so simple and easy
Back when I was the king and my demons couldn’t read me
It was the best of times I would soon find out
Nowadays it’s just Moscato and Sangria to numb all the doubt
Trying my best to cope with such a sudden fall from grace
Lord knows I can’t wait for the day I can finally see His face