Son of the Dark


I’m torn between night and day
Both angels and demons lay claim
They war over my soul
While I desperately call upon His name

A witch from Salem haunts me
A shadow watches me when I sleep
I’m not Holy enough to cast them out
This darkness surrounding me is deep


A Saint’s Riddle

First Comp

I am weak and unfriendly
My sins tally up to many
So I call on The Lord to save my soul
For love and Heaven are my true goal

Let The Lord hear the prayers from me
Let me be saved by grace and mercy
Praise the name of Son of God
Let my enemies feel the pain of His rod

Give me ears to hear and eyes to see
Let humility and blessings find me
Then let my failing turn into to success
Let man look at me and say I am blessed

Deep Six Invested


When I die don’t talk about how I strong I was
Don’t talk about the good I did just because
Talk about my failures and what you accused me of
Talk about my love and lack thereof
Don’t talk about my knowledge of God
Don’t speak good of me or spare the rod
Talk about my rebellion, anger, and bitterness
Talk about how I was more but turned out to be less
Don’t speak of knowledge of the Truth and scriptures
Don’t talk about my innocence and who we were
Talk about my poetry and how it didn’t sell
Talk about all the reasons why you swear I went to Hell

The Devil called Friend


In the back room with a glass and a bottle of Red Rose
Cheers to all the problems and issues no one else knows
All praise to the Most High but everything seems to be getting worse
It’s to the point where I can’t tell if it’s punishment or a curse
Daydreaming about a life I’ll probably never get the chance to live
Mari and a couple of others still trying to find in themselves to forgive
But I don’t regret anything, I’d say it all again if I had to
You can’t keep silent when I’m under attack and expect me to love you
If that means I die alone then whatever, so be it
I need real friends, not people I always with agree with

The End of Valentine’s Fall

Third Comp

Oh let me write poems to the Lord
Let me put rest to V. Fall and serve the Word

I’ve seen the goodness of God
I’ve seen Him rebuke demons and spare the rob

For His love for us will never fail
The Devil’s accusations will not prevail

God’s love for you has provoked His Mercy
His grace will never fail for you or me

Who dares stand against God’s children
May He bless you and then bless you again

And to those serpents that call me friend
You will not kill, steal or destroy me again

Oh Praise the name of the Lord Most High
Oh Bless the Son, the holy reason why

Suit us with your armor on Life’s battlefield
And give us Your Holy Spirit so we will never yield

My Call


It’s never enough
It’s about loyalty or love

It’s about fame
It’s about beating the game

Poetry is dead
Or so they said

But I wasn’t born in the wrong time
The gift is none other than mine

I’ll bring it back to life
I’ll bring it back at the expense of riches and a wife

All the hail the Son and praises to Most High
All glory to the Holy Spirit for He is the reason why

The beginning and the end
What I would do just to be called Your friend

The Devil called Silence


The silence acts as God
Like Him it doesn’t spare the rod

It brings memories that could kill me
It mixes lies with honesty

I see my first ex with another girl
I see my second ex with true love and the world

Then I see me with nothing but regret
Then I see me with everything I wish I could forget

I didn’t deserve my past
I did everything I could to make it last

Oh God my God prophecy to me
Tell me and show me Your goodness and grace
Don’t my enemies claim the victory
But bring into Your presence and let me see Your face