We make eye contact
You smile a little
It’s not lust or love
It’s something in the middle
We meet on the dance floor
We’re not sober anymore
The music is the only thing we hear
There’s absolutely no fear
Everyone disappears
We’re the only ones there
In the love with smoke clears
But you have no intention of playing fair
Vanishing into the crowd
Suddenly everything’s too loud
Unable to find you in the state I’m in
I think I almost fell in love again


The Queen


The room is full of fog
You’re in the zone
Out there for every song
You dance alone
Dancing your troubles away
For once things are going your way
Sipping slow to enjoy the night
Tonight everything feels right
Newly single, you’re finally free
You’ve been turning heads since you walked in
They can’t touch but they can see
You’re the queen again



Afraid to confess your sins
Baby I won’t judge you
I’ve been drinking again
So everything I say is true
Still got issues with trust
I know you’re only here for lust
Trying my best not give in
I’m supposed to be a Christian
Addicted to the attention
You have no shame
You love to cloud decisions
To you it’s just a game



It’s late and the lights are dim
She licking the salt off the rim
She’s been gone for a while
And the feeling is making her smile
Grinding hard, this is lust not love
You’d be wise not to confuse it
She’s not looking for commitment
You’d be wise not to choose it
The room starts to spin, enjoy the ride
You feel the alcohol rising inside
You’ve had too much
You’re starting to lose touch
The song keeps playing
She has no intention of stoping
You’re trying your best to keep up
On the dance floor barely awake, body rocking



Losing track of time
Everything’s moving slow
You’ve been on my mind
I never should’ve let you go
It’s getting harder to think
I’ve had too much to drink
There’s too many people here
Everything’s a blur, nothing’s clear
Neon lights and balloons
The music is so loud
We won’t be leaving anytime soon
I make my way through the crowd
This place has a strange vibe
I want you, I need you
I can’t find my ride
All I see is shadows, hot pink and blue
Wishing you were here to take care of me
It’s getting harder too see
Wondering what you’re doing
I eventually stop moving

Long Nights


Fixing money problems with alcohol
I really wish you would call
Mixing anything I can find
There’s a lot I need to get off my mind
I miss all our conversations
You were the only one I believed in
Waiting for a response in anticipation
You were always my inspiration
The room full of vapor and thoughts
You’re my type of perfect
It’s been a while since I’ve cared a lot
It’s been a while since someone was worth it
A fan of all your makeup and heels
I really like that you know how I feel
Drinking all our problems away
You can talk to me, it’s gonna be okay



Broken hearts and long nights
The price of all the city lights
I knew I shouldn’t have trusted you
I knew something wasn’t right
Mixing something for the pain
Heard you love to make it rain
You’re such a cliche
Professional at night, student by day
Your goal an A7 and downtown loft
I was just there to get you off
Waiting for you to get off
I was just glad to be of service
Using me exactly how they used you
You did it all on purpose
Lust over love and nothing over money
You were never gonna love me
Gone with no excuse or explanation
You’re not even sorry