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I am from the hills and early spring
A place where all kinds of birds can sing

Souls of cowboys roam the plains
Coyotes howl the Natives names

The spirits of both now dwell in me
Their hopeless romance longs to be free

Thus I send these words somewhere west
Wishing a beauty a lover’s best

Her name brings peace to my mind
Her words light fire to my heart
She is not like many you will find
She is a god, a myth, a work of art




I always see her once and then no more
She knows not of my desire of that I’m sure

If only courage would take a hold of me
I’d tell her of the beauty I am blessed to see

Instead, I stare and glance and dare not go near
For the brownness of my skin provoked hesitation and fear

Nonetheless I too and just another man
Searching for lustful passion where and whence he can

Thus damned forever to leave my love in ink
And let drown and perish my heart that sinks



It’s been a decade since the honeymoon
Now the sound tension fills their bedroom
She is no longer his wife but his property
No longer is she the queen he said she’d be
Thus her eyes start to wander and her hearts strays
Until that passionate and fateful day
When he walks in and catches her with him
And proceeds to put an end to all of them

A Saint’s Riddle

First Comp

I am weak and unfriendly
My sins tally up to many
So I call on The Lord to save my soul
For love and Heaven are my true goal

Let The Lord hear the prayers from me
Let me be saved by grace and mercy
Praise the name of Son of God
Let my enemies feel the pain of His rod

Give me ears to hear and eyes to see
Let humility and blessings find me
Then let my failing turn into to success
Let man look at me and say I am blessed

Deep Six Invested


When I die don’t talk about how I strong I was
Don’t talk about the good I did just because
Talk about my failures and what you accused me of
Talk about my love and lack thereof
Don’t talk about my knowledge of God
Don’t speak good of me or spare the rod
Talk about my rebellion, anger, and bitterness
Talk about how I was more but turned out to be less
Don’t speak of knowledge of the Truth and scriptures
Don’t talk about my innocence and who we were
Talk about my poetry and how it didn’t sell
Talk about all the reasons why you swear I went to Hell