Take Care


I don’t have the time to listen to everything on your mind
I don’t have the time to tell you what’s going in my mine
I don’t care enough to fight for the upper hand
I don’t care enough to listen to you say I just don’t understand
You just can’t win, you just can’t catch a break
You just can’t be honest with yourself and give it to me straight
You’d rather do the most and block numbers
Like I won’t block you back and enjoy the rest of my summer
Constantly turning the smallest things into everything
Say one thing and just wait for the phone to ring
Eight messages and counting and you say I’m dramatic
Purposely trying to tear me down like I’m not already an addict
Then I’ve had enough and give you a taste of your own medicine
Then I’m the bad guy and “this is why we can’t be friends”
Always the first to admit my wrongs and apologize
Because behind closed doors I care more than you realize
Meanwhile you use my humility to feed your ego
Allergic to the words “I’m sorry” so I’m forced to just let it go
And you wonder why we’ll probably never get along
And why even when you win something about it just feels wrong


Over Time

You were the girl of my dreams back when we were twenty one
You used to lead me on for fun but now you’re just not the one
Now I treat H-Town like my hometown
Now I don’t say much and never come around
Now I can’t sleep without at least a bottle of wine
Now I’m the furthest thing from being okay or fine
That said, nowadays I don’t really have the patience
Thirty five pills later and I haven’t been the same since
So I wish nothing but blessings and the best for you
I let it all go and just let God and Karma deal with you

Not Nice


Trying my best to hide the hostility in my tone
I love how you only talk reckless over text and the phone
Cleverly gifted with the pen, be glad I didn’t call you by name
Be glad I told you like a joke and played you like a game
You think that was bad just wait until I get the fluid in me
I promise you won’t be so bold once that bottle’s empty
Talking about my life like you were always around
Taking like I just forgot how you were never real, how you were never down
Conservative white privileged at its finest, you’re a wast time
The closest thing to a cliche and the furthest thing from my mind
Throwing all those passive aggressive jabs, all that I’m lowkey hurt shit
Just another white girl from the south, all that I really think I’m worth shit
But I’ll stop now and put the rest in God’s hands
I just hope when Karma comes back around you understand

“I hate this place”


Me and Jasmine are the last table to order and close out
If I ever decide to get married it’ll be to her without a doubt
Counting down the days till I have to go back to Hell
I’m talking about the city where no one ever tries hard enough to succeed or fail
I’m talking girls who swear someone cares about their private lives
I’m talking girls who’ll burn you and never apologize
I’m talking girls who I know will read this
I’m talking girls who really believe they’re someone I’ll miss
I’m talking niggas who love sleeping around and smoking weed
I’m talking niggas Two Ten girls deserve but don’t need
I’m talking niggas who either voted for Trump or Kanye
I’m talking niggas that aren’t even worth the Devil’s time of day
But maybe I’m no different, maybe I’m just as worthless
Maybe I really am better off drinking more and praying less

Before I leave


Daydreaming about a place where the weather’s nice and the water’s clear
Anything besides my current reality and all the reasons why I don’t wanna be here
What I wouldn’t do to go back in time, back to Jessica and Michelle
Back to when I didn’t have any friends and everyone could tell
Desperate for a phone call with Mel but she’d married and in Germany
I swear back then she was the only who inspired me
Nowadays it’s just arguments with the other Mel over dumb shit
Holding onto dreams like puzzle pieces hoping one day they’ll finally fit
Meanwhile I reminisce over my last year in the H and the League
Remembering all the drunk texts and all times me and failure agreed
Less than a week before I’m a resident of the Two Ten again
If only I could go back to Arkansas with Katie, if only things with Nadia didn’t have to end

Same Old, Same Old


I’m back home, back in the Ten again
Back to trying to figure out who’s really my friend
I swear I’ll always love it and hate it here
I swear none of them understand the end is near
Obsessed with the day to day life and routine
Obsessed with FB, IG and chasing green
The same hoes still chasing the same niggas
The same niggas always smoking and pulling triggers
Go figure, hence all my bitterness
Hence all my curses when you brag about being blessed
Bottles of wine for all the rejection and hate
But one day they’ll regret it, one day I’ll be great
One day I’ll be too far up to relate

The Ones


This is for girls like Steph and Gisele
And girls who’s ways we know all too well
This is for girls like Ana and Carly
Girls who were just too Christian for me
Girls too private for conversations about sex
But will tell you every secret about their ex
Girls that act like girls from the Ten
Girls who have to be bored or in heat to be a friend
You know, the type that just want someone to text
Then disappear when they find whoever’s next
I’m talking ones that wanna be treated like the one
Then tell you it was fun but you’re just not the one