Sick Day


Snot nose
Red nose
Deep breath
Eyes closed
Then blows
Warm clothes
Need care
God knows
Puffy eyes
White lies
Tissues for
Nose cries
God why
Time fly
Be well


Light Skin Girls


You light skin girls love to play hard to get
Remember that even though I don’t forget
Remember that even though I don’t forget
You like to love dudes who don’t like to love
Would it be rude of me to ask if you’ll get enough
You want true love but then again not really
All the dudes you curved say amen if you feel me
And best of luck with all them momma’s boys
And all them other dudes that treat you like toys
I know, I know you don’t wanna hear from that me
You don’t want a true love that could set you free
I know, I know it kind of sounds like church today
You don’t wanna hear you should think twice and pray

Suburban Love


I make my way to your suburban nest
You’ve always had a thing for dinner guests
All our neighbors arrive before me
I’m always late even when I don’t try to be
Glasses of wine loosen everyone up
Eventually, that one couple won’t shut up
After dinner, we escape to the porch to smoke
Awkwardly laughing we make the whole night a joke
You thank me for coming and I thank you for having me
Meanwhile, they talk about how we’re so meant to be
But you have guards and I don’t like first steps
Little do you know there’s nothing about you I won’t except
Afraid of the possibility of being broken
I keep the talk small and refuse to be open
You catch on to me and lean in
I meet you halfway even though we’re supposed to be friends

Stupid, Stupid, Stupid


You don’t want me and that’s okay
I’ll find love but it won’t be today
I won’t be with you or her
I’ll never love her and we’ll never be how were
The spirit of rejection is strong
We accuse our past but we’re both wrong
I rejected her and you rejected me
None of us were ever meant to be
But I believe and daydreamed about you
I thought the connection between us was true
Maybe not true love but something worth it
Despite that, neither one of us will ever be perfect
But I guess I was wrong yet again
I guess we’re both destined to just be friends

When You’re Not In The Mood


What if I told you I was coming from you
What if I told you you were beautiful inside and out and it was actually true
What if I told you I’ve never dated a black girl
What if I told you I’d try my best to give you the world
You don’t wanna go to church, you don’t want no truth
You want some broke negro who spends all his time in the booth
Rapping and hustling for everyone but you
You are a daughter of God, you’re worth it and it’s true
I don’t care if you don’t feel like talking
I’m a Son of God and I feel like walking
God and your spouse should never be something you deny
So here am I am dealing with your rejection and asking why
Don’t you know I’ll always be there for you
Don’t you know every promise I make is true
So get out of your way and talk to me
I’m talking to you with your funny looking self
Open up to me and let’s fall in love and be free

Best Friend


There’s wine waiting to poured
There’s a drunk fool trying to pray
Loneliness is all he’s ever known
This routine is repeated every day

His friends dwell in his past
Some left, some he pushed away
No one of them thinks he’ll last
In his drunkenness is where they’ve damned him to stay

But a God has spoken on His behalf
This season is almost over
That God has become His better half
He’s made himself his crutch and shoulder

Now his happiness doesn’t just come from wine
Now his future has a chance to be seen
Now nothing can change his mind
Now he knows what true love means

Donut Girl


You’ve loved, you’ve lost
You’ve loved again
You’ve loved, you’ve lost
You cannot win

What you don’t show
I still can see
What you don’t say
Still talks to me

Though you smile
It doesn’t show
Something dark deep down
Won’t let go

Who do you follow
What do you chase
Is it true love
Or a pretty face