The Fall


A bottle of wine reminds me of myself
Incoherent dreams play
A whisper disturbs the sequence
My demons have something to say

My sins are repeated
The voice is cruel and confident
A hint of joy is obvious
It’s too late to repent

They have a plan for me
They love Valentine’s Fall
I try to us the name of the Lord
But He doesn’t answer my call


Acquainted with the Dark


A demon spoke to me last night
He said I had no chance and I think he’s right
Putting out every old flame and spark
Valentine’s Fall, the one acquainted with the dark
Blowing all my stress in the air
Empty bottles all the around my chair
Self-medicating to hide how much I care
Heaven is off in the distance but don’t think I’ll ever get there

The Present


In love with wine and spirits
Having dreams about the Holy Spirit
I should’ve died that day
I’m still the furthest from okay
Entertaining girls that don’t love me
I’ll do anything for the story
I’ll love anyone for the poetry
What I wouldn’t do for some Hennessy
Struggling to stay sober
Valentine’s Fall will never be over
This has nothing to do with the weather
After hour convos with Arely
Daydreams about Nadia and Katie
Still hopeless and crazy
Desperate for someone to save me

The Past


Addicted to alcohol and poetry
I blame the girl that almost killed me
I blame the father that was never there
I blame the love that didn’t care
Poem after poem but I always fail
to tell the story I’ve always wanted to tell
Phoenix, Arizona and thirty five pills
I never felt so free and so real
Months later the devil’s trying to make a deal
I’ve always had a thing for the way darkness makes me feel
The beginning of Valentine’s Fall
I don’t care if you never follow or call
I’m interested but I’ll never give my all
Manic depressive to the last
You don’t wanna hear about my past
You don’t wanna know the real me
It’s really scary

Lost Loves


The Winter starts to blow my cover
Valentine’s Fall is almost over
Only interested if she’s older
Only interested in tears that won’t fall on my shoulder
Said you weren’t ready for commitment
Said your ex left you with some resentment
Got guys convinced you’re Heaven sent
But I know what you really meant
Twenty years old and lost
But I’m ready to pay the cost
Late night convos with the Man above
If only we were ready for love

Famous Me


30 plus pills to head when I was nineteen
Now that all black Porsche is so clean
Now all these niggas look so green
Now they say I’m so cocky and mean
Countdown city bred
Your dream girl all in my bed
Valentine’s Fall engraved in her heart and head
But I’ll end up picking your other dream girl instead
The same guy they used to curve and overlook
Back when I was slinging watches at Baybrook
Basic bitches that couldn’t even cook
Now they’re yelling my name trying to get me to look

Pretty Face


She’s just another pretty face
Loving her is always just a phase
She just likes being the chase
Taking JD shots with no chase
Rocking 6 inch heels with lace
A fallen angel that loves to dance
She’s been hurt the past
So you never had a chance
Even if you change her mind it’ll never last