To The Most Humble Pretty Girl I’ve Ever Met


Hey, I just wanted to apologize
Because I finally realize
All my efforts have been in vain
And at this point I probably sound insane
But I just wanted to take a chance
Have one last dance
Before I gave up someone I thought was worth it
Someone I swore was perfect
Not to say you aren’t but I’ll never know
Since this is as far as things always seem to go
Not that I can really blame you
If I was you I’d probably do the same
If some random nigga approach me
Writing poems and spitting game
But that’s just what I’m good at
Saying stuff I’ll probably wish I could take back
Not because I didn’t mean it but because it’s embarrassing
To finally find the courage to say everything
Just to find out it doesn’t mean a thing
I also didn’t want to be a cliche
I just wanted to be different
I just wanted to make your day
But sometimes you’re just not the one
Sometimes it’s just hopeless romance and fun
But you’ve been a hope and inspiration
An unexpected good conversation
I’ll never forget the first picture I saw of you
To this day there’s very few girls that can touch you
I don’t really want to give up
But at this point it’s probably best if I just shut up
Just know if I ever happen to cross your mind
I’ll never be too hard to find
I’ll always be your biggest fan
Take care
Sincerely, Just a man


The Chase


You’re my dream girl
I’m just another guy
I wanna give you the world
You think it’s all a lie

Skeptical about my intentions
Thinking it’s just attraction
The past clouds your decision
So you never give a reaction

Trying my best to get your attention
Message after message trying to change you mind
Using every trick in the book
I just wanna be yours and you to be mine



Getting faded in the backroom as usual
I just want you to tell me how much you miss me
I know these confessions sound unusual
But I’m just tired having everything and still feeling lonely
So far gone it feels like I’m dreaming
Vodka and V8 got me all in my feelings
Telling girls I don’t love how much I love them
I’m starting to think I really do have a problem
But I can’t help it, I can’t sleep
I can’t help but tell you it’s not that deep
I mean what did you expect
Kisses all over her lips and neck
I just hate sleeping alone
I just hate not having a heart to call home



Falling in love to find inspiration
Drinking for the confidence to start to a conversation
Suffering from being Valentine’s Fall and depression
Lately it seems like having bad days are my new obsession
But I have a confession
I have a problem, I have an addiction
I drink too much and I’m scared of commitment
I passed on the only girl that’ll ever love me
To chase a girl I’ll probably never see
Daydreaming about being rich with my dreamgirl
Living in a high rise with a view of the world
Begging God to just let me have my way
It’s not like there’s a meaning to this life anyway

Christian Girl


Heard about you through the grapevine
And now I can’t get you off my mind
Heard you were no stranger to The Word
Unlike these other bad and boujee birds
The closest thing to the perfect girl
One of the few that truly deserves the world
So I build up my confidence and try find the words to say
Praying to God you give me a chance or at least the time of day
Then you respond and my heart stops
All my hopes get too high to top
But then you start talking to me like I’m just another guy
My hopes and dreams crushed I ask The Good Lord why
How are you supposed to get your dream girl to believe
You’re the type of guy who’ll love her and never leave

The Beauty


I saw you for the first time on the gram
Captivated by how you look in front of the cam
I tried to get you to accept the type of man I am
Knowing good and well I wasn’t the only one in your dms
Praying to God you didn’t ignore me like how you ignore them
Little did I know I was far from the best of them
Emotions clouding my decisions
I was desperate for you attention
But Lord knows I tried my best my best to get it
Just to realize I’d never be good enough
I finally just said forget it
Maybe in another life
Maybe if I could actually for afford a relationship
Or the ring for a wife
But not I rabbi
Regardless of how hard I try
I’ll probably be alone when I get old and die
If only love wasn’t something you had to impress or buy