ABC’s Pt.1


A is for the Atheist, those poor lost souls
Surprisingly they’re most likely to reach their goals
B is for Baptist, they don’t like the Holy Ghost
Which I why they probably need Him the most
C is for conservatives, those who voted for Trump
Only to watch him take office and take a historical dump
D is Democrat, or liberal crybabies
Isn’t it fun being treated like rabies
E is for Evangelist, those who spread the Word
Quoting the opposite of the last rumor I heard
F is fake, word to a lot you Christians
I recommend reading your bible and trying again
G is God, oh praise His holy name
But isn’t it odd that you still act the same
H is for Hell, you don’t want to go there
But then again it’s not like any of you care
I is for impossible, which most of you are
But so is your God, He’s far from sub par


Best Friend


There’s wine waiting to poured
There’s a drunk fool trying to pray
Loneliness is all he’s ever known
This routine is repeated every day

His friends dwell in his past
Some left, some he pushed away
No one of them thinks he’ll last
In his drunkenness is where they’ve damned him to stay

But a God has spoken on His behalf
This season is almost over
That God has become His better half
He’s made himself his crutch and shoulder

Now his happiness doesn’t just come from wine
Now his future has a chance to be seen
Now nothing can change his mind
Now he knows what true love means



They don’t wanna go to church today
They like being led astray
So in the wildness, they’ll stay
Death the only thing giving them the time of day
Meanwhile, I’ll be here saving the lost
Crucifying myself and paying the cost
Carrying my cross for salvation
Forget all your false praise and false re-dedication
Gap theology the only topic of conversation
All you so called Christians desperate for admiration
But how many people have you helped and saved
Better yet how many people have you failed to save from their spiritual grave

Woman of God


I’ve been daydreaming about you all day
I just hope when I see you you give me the time of day
Mesmerizing by your blue eyes and curly hair
I know I’m a thousand miles away but I wish I was there
But let’s not get carried away, you could be taken for all I know
But if not I’m begging you to just see how things go
You don’t know me and I don’t know you
But I know you’re a woman of God and God knows my love is true



Will I be the greatest, who knows
But for now for forgive me for all the typos
I just wanna vent and let it all out
Forgets the edits, I want you to see all my doubts
They say being vulnerable is the key to healing
But no one ever has anything to say when I’m too revealing
I’m talking about masturbation, alcohol, and greed
I’m talking about everything Christians say it’s a sin to need
I just wanna enough money to never work again
As well as help everyone who’s every called me a friend
I’m talking about Mari, Luke, and Michelle
All the friends that’s heard my confessions and would never tell
So if you see God tell Him I’m ready and need a lot more
And if He’s worried about who’ll become just tell Him I’m sure
I’m sure I’ll still be me with a side of lonely
But at least I’ll finally do some good and get a white girl to love me

For the Greater Good


Twelve in the morning, it’s time to get in my zone
I don’t wanna talk, I just wanna be alone
Trying to find a way out this nine to five
Even though I’m supposed to be grateful to be alive
Bottles and bottles of wine
I’m sophisticated but far from fine
Tell God I need more love and more money
You laugh but being poor and black is lonely
Not to mention my people could use some help
Forget being selfish, this is much bigger than myself
They got student loans and medical bill
They need someone rich who knows how it feels
That where I wanna coming again
I wanna help everyone who calls me acquaintance or friend
All glory be to God
Please forgive me, make me rich and spare the rod



Don’t underestimate me
I’ll push you to the limit
Yeah I might be lonely
But I promise you Christians I can get you to quit
Trust me, you don’t want none
You don’t wanna know what and who I’ve done
But maybe you should so I’ll know where you stand
If I tell you and you wanna give up on me I’ll completely understand
I’m not a man but I do have a plan
If you think this is a bumpy ride just wait until I land