Former Friend

I love how you acted like being nice was a privilege
The one who was never there to talk to me off the ledge
But claimed you’d always be there if I ever needed to talk
The one who wouldn’t even make plans to go on a walk
I admit I might’ve overreacted when I said we weren’t friends
I probably should’ve just let some of our issues go
But sometimes good things really do come to an end
So I spoke my mind just so you would know
All that talk about God and being a Christian
All that talk about trying to do better again
I’m still not convinced, I still don’t see it
Maybe you should just be honest with yourself and quit
Conversations about making a change and doing what’s right
Yet you stay away from places that aren’t predominately white
Not to mention all the apologies I’ve still yet to receive
Not that you’re the type to take the high road when you leave


Over It

A resident of one the greatest cities in the country
It’s funny how you can be surrounded and still feel lonely
Home of the white girls, dress shirts and dive bars
Don’t forget all the little dogs and expensive cars
I remember when I loved all the hustle and bustle
Drawn to all the lights and commotion
Inspired by every car with a little bit of muscle
Spending all my money on shots of brown potion
Just a young guy obsessed with trying to live “the life”
You know, an overpriced condo and a beyond beautiful wife
But it’s been a while and I’ve grown up a little
Not satisfied but content with the little things
Not too young or old just somewhere in the middle
The type of person who doesn’t care if the phone ever rings
People say it’s too early for me to be this way
Telling me to do stuff like go out and seize the day
But I know better; it’s all a waste of money and time
The same two reasons why no one has a peace of mind

On a personal note


Trying my best to read the bible and thank the Lord more
Someone once told me purpose isn’t something you should ignore
They said God told them I had a destiny to fulfill
I guess it’s good thing I don’t struggle with suicide anymore
Not to mention depression and a wounded heart
Ever went from having a broken one to a cold one
Remembering when everyone thought I had potential and was smart
And how the one I loved left and never apologized for what she’d done
I guess it’s a good thing there’s always someone else to love
I guess it’s a good thing I had the Holy One above
One day He asked me, What’s the point of everything people do
Why can’t you all just get along and do what you’re supposed to do
Don’t you realize none of it means anything in the end
Why can’t everyone be your brother and friend
Deep stuff for a young African American male
A victim of racism with all the stories to tell
I no longer understand the appeal of city lights
Or fast cars and high paying nine to fives
Congress debating raising taxes and human rights
The truth behind the lies right in front of our eyes
Too bad poetry is a dying art, no longer relevant
I probably could’ve made a change and had people thinking different

“Get it together”

The Devil grabs some popcorn and sits back
God looks down from on high and shakes head
Christians protest gay marriage and Pride
But racial profile and take anyone making good money to bed
Politicians on every screen saying anything to get ahead
Their parties willing to tax anyone in need for some power
Their followers willing to vote for anyone who’ll push the agenda
Meanwhile there’s thousands dying every hour
Meanwhile there’s a homeless man telling people to have a blessed day
And a single mom who only has enough money for one of the five bills she has to pay
All of this coming live from the one nation under God
The one nation with prisons for days and prisoners for years
The one nation who doesn’t know the meaning of sparing the rob
The one nation that’ll do anything to still be standing when the smoke clears



Friend requests from another lifetime
Back when you would prank call me
Back when your best friend wanted to be mine
Back when I had to set a girl, I still think about, free
And had nothing better to do but stay on the phone
If only you knew how much I hated being alone
Talking about anything to everything
A couple of strangers that got along a little too well
I’d be lying if I said none of it had meaning
You’ll probably never admit it but I could tell
Remember when I came to see you on my birthday
You set me up, that was well played
Low-key your shenanigans used to make my day
I hated that place but sometimes wish I would’ve stayed
What if your best friend hadn’t liked me
What if you hadn’t thought you and that guy were meant to be
Do you ever stop to think about that
Ever wonder what would happen if we could go back

Cafes’ and Cliches


These things all too common
Topics of conversation insignificant
Familiar faces smile
For our attendance is persistent

Pauses here and there
To tend to our overpriced drinks
Observing strangers passing by
Trying to guess what each one thinks

Then there are our phones
Pretending to have notifications
Laughing at messages from hours ago
We, the kings of exaggeration

But soon feeling “cool” passes
Along with our pretentious composure
So one of us pretends to have plans
And we both make for the door