A Way Out


Saying desperate prayers hoping He’ll spare the rod
Nowadays it’s strictly business and God
I’m talking a good ole day job
Because my life is just something else to rob
But I’m grateful to be here, don’t get me wrong
Who doesn’t wanna be owned for twenty and then say so long
That might work for you but never for me
I gotta do something, get famous, start my own company
Anything to make me feel like I was made for a purpose
I’m tired of drunk texts and poems about feeling worthless


Your Girl


A bottle of Pinot and Tyler the Creator
About your girl, do you mind if I date her
I don’t want her I just want the company
I just want a girl who’ll never love me
We’ll most likely get into an argument over something dumb
Get defensive and act like we’re both independent and numb
Then she’ll go back to you or maybe not
Then I’ll get a text weeks later from a number I forgot
She’ll tell you or him it’s nothing and to trust her
But deep down you’ll both know you’ll never be how you were



Don’t you like how many poems are never positive
Isn’t it sad I often I really don’t wanna live
Suffering from depression, I might be suicidal too
But if go I’m going out foreal this time
No pills I’ll just leave it up to the world to kill my mind
Working a nine to five to survive, I know I keep saying that
But anyone who does it hate that it’s fact
I honestly think it’s demonic to sit in a room for eight
Day after day with a twenty-year expiration date
I dare you to be late from that fifteen to thirty-minute break
All that just for a three thousand square feet in Hidden Lakes
I need something more, I have to find another way
I need quality in my life, I have to live before I pass away

The Backroom Poet


It’s my day off and I just wanna be left alone
I just wanna daydream about a loving wife and my own home
I currently don’t have either one
I’m currently in the second master having no fun
All my friends are gone and it’s all on purpose
They don’t need someone who keeps calling himself worthless
Not to mention all those melodramatic drunk texts
Two bottles of wine later and I can’t stop thinking about my ex
Looks like everything she about me was true
I really am no one, average is the best I can do



Will I be the greatest, who knows
But for now for forgive me for all the typos
I just wanna vent and let it all out
Forgets the edits, I want you to see all my doubts
They say being vulnerable is the key to healing
But no one ever has anything to say when I’m too revealing
I’m talking about masturbation, alcohol, and greed
I’m talking about everything Christians say it’s a sin to need
I just wanna enough money to never work again
As well as help everyone who’s every called me a friend
I’m talking about Mari, Luke, and Michelle
All the friends that’s heard my confessions and would never tell
So if you see God tell Him I’m ready and need a lot more
And if He’s worried about who’ll become just tell Him I’m sure
I’m sure I’ll still be me with a side of lonely
But at least I’ll finally do some good and get a white girl to love me



Black hair, blondes, and brunettes
You can have them all depending on what you net
I’m misogynistic, yeah yeah, I know
But what about all the good broke guys you let go
I call it a southern thing but there’s probably more to it
There’s probably west coast guys out there going through it
Don’t forget the Midwest and East
There’s probably a lot of beauties who act like beasts
So if I’m a misogynist you’re a misandrist
Yeah you, the girl who daddy never kissed
Or maybe you’re the girl mommy never loved
Maybe you just hate the concept of The Holy One Above
Like if He’s so good then why is your past so bad
I can relate, trust me, it makes everyone mad
They say look at the present and be glad
But I just want an explanation for not having anything I should’ve had

For the Greater Good


Twelve in the morning, it’s time to get in my zone
I don’t wanna talk, I just wanna be alone
Trying to find a way out this nine to five
Even though I’m supposed to be grateful to be alive
Bottles and bottles of wine
I’m sophisticated but far from fine
Tell God I need more love and more money
You laugh but being poor and black is lonely
Not to mention my people could use some help
Forget being selfish, this is much bigger than myself
They got student loans and medical bill
They need someone rich who knows how it feels
That where I wanna coming again
I wanna help everyone who calls me acquaintance or friend
All glory be to God
Please forgive me, make me rich and spare the rod