On a personal note


Trying my best to read the bible and thank the Lord more
Someone once told me purpose isn’t something you should ignore
They said God told them I had a destiny to fulfill
I guess it’s good thing I don’t struggle with suicide anymore
Not to mention depression and a wounded heart
Ever went from having a broken one to a cold one
Remembering when everyone thought I had potential and was smart
And how the one I loved left and never apologized for what she’d done
I guess it’s a good thing there’s always someone else to love
I guess it’s a good thing I had the Holy One above
One day He asked me, What’s the point of everything people do
Why can’t you all just get along and do what you’re supposed to do
Don’t you realize none of it means anything in the end
Why can’t everyone be your brother and friend
Deep stuff for a young African American male
A victim of racism with all the stories to tell
I no longer understand the appeal of city lights
Or fast cars and high paying nine to fives
Congress debating raising taxes and human rights
The truth behind the lies right in front of our eyes
Too bad poetry is a dying art, no longer relevant
I probably could’ve made a change and had people thinking different

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