Over It

A resident of one the greatest cities in the country
It’s funny how you can be surrounded and still feel lonely
Home of the white girls, dress shirts and dive bars
Don’t forget all the little dogs and expensive cars
I remember when I loved all the hustle and bustle
Drawn to all the lights and commotion
Inspired by every car with a little bit of muscle
Spending all my money on shots of brown potion
Just a young guy obsessed with trying to live “the life”
You know, an overpriced condo and a beyond beautiful wife
But it’s been a while and I’ve grown up a little
Not satisfied but content with the little things
Not too young or old just somewhere in the middle
The type of person who doesn’t care if the phone ever rings
People say it’s too early for me to be this way
Telling me to do stuff like go out and seize the day
But I know better; it’s all a waste of money and time
The same two reasons why no one has a peace of mind

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