Not Nice


Trying my best to hide the hostility in my tone
I love how you only talk reckless over text and the phone
Cleverly gifted with the pen, be glad I didn’t call you by name
Be glad I told you like a joke and played you like a game
You think that was bad just wait until I get the fluid in me
I promise you won’t be so bold once that bottle’s empty
Talking about my life like you were always around
Taking like I just forgot how you were never real, how you were never down
Conservative white privileged at its finest, you’re a wast time
The closest thing to a cliche and the furthest thing from my mind
Throwing all those passive aggressive jabs, all that I’m lowkey hurt shit
Just another white girl from the south, all that I really think I’m worth shit
But I’ll stop now and put the rest in God’s hands
I just hope when Karma comes back around you understand

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