Take Care


I don’t have the time to listen to everything on your mind
I don’t have the time to tell you what’s going in my mine
I don’t care enough to fight for the upper hand
I don’t care enough to listen to you say I just don’t understand
You just can’t win, you just can’t catch a break
You just can’t be honest with yourself and give it to me straight
You’d rather do the most and block numbers
Like I won’t block you back and enjoy the rest of my summer
Constantly turning the smallest things into everything
Say one thing and just wait for the phone to ring
Eight messages and counting and you say I’m dramatic
Purposely trying to tear me down like I’m not already an addict
Then I’ve had enough and give you a taste of your own medicine
Then I’m the bad guy and “this is why we can’t be friends”
Always the first to admit my wrongs and apologize
Because behind closed doors I care more than you realize
Meanwhile you use my humility to feed your ego
Allergic to the words “I’m sorry” so I’m forced to just let it go
And you wonder why we’ll probably never get along
And why even when you win something about it just feels wrong

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