“I hate this place”


Me and Jasmine are the last table to order and close out
If I ever decide to get married it’ll be to her without a doubt
Counting down the days till I have to go back to Hell
I’m talking about the city where no one ever tries hard enough to succeed or fail
I’m talking girls who swear someone cares about their private lives
I’m talking girls who’ll burn you and never apologize
I’m talking girls who I know will read this
I’m talking girls who really believe they’re someone I’ll miss
I’m talking niggas who love sleeping around and smoking weed
I’m talking niggas Two Ten girls deserve but don’t need
I’m talking niggas who either voted for Trump or Kanye
I’m talking niggas that aren’t even worth the Devil’s time of day
But maybe I’m no different, maybe I’m just as worthless
Maybe I really am better off drinking more and praying less

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