Before I leave


Daydreaming about a place where the weather’s nice and the water’s clear
Anything besides my current reality and all the reasons why I don’t wanna be here
What I wouldn’t do to go back in time, back to Jessica and Michelle
Back to when I didn’t have any friends and everyone could tell
Desperate for a phone call with Mel but she’d married and in Germany
I swear back then she was the only who inspired me
Nowadays it’s just arguments with the other Mel over dumb shit
Holding onto dreams like puzzle pieces hoping one day they’ll finally fit
Meanwhile I reminisce over my last year in the H and the League
Remembering all the drunk texts and all times me and failure agreed
Less than a week before I’m a resident of the Two Ten again
If only I could go back to Arkansas with Katie, if only things with Nadia didn’t have to end

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