Please Don’t Read This

I know you’re hurting
I know nothing I say is working
There’s things I just can’t control
There’s a lot mental illness has stole
But I can’t lose you
Not after everything we’ve been through
You’ve saved my life a thousand times
Hearing you hurt always changes my mind
I know it feels like I do it on purpose
But I can’t help it when I feel worthless
Just call me your love and say it’ll be alright
Just don’t let the day end without saying goodnight
I just can’t let you go and never will
You’re just too perfect and beautiful to be real
I know you always think I’m lying
But it takes a lot for me to call anyone crying
I’m so sorry my hurt is hurting you
I’m so sorry I can’t stop the things I’m going through
I just wanna go back to how we used to be
I wanna make your day when you’re down,
And I want you to remind me that you love me
I’m tired of adding to all the sadness you already deal with
I shouldn’t be this way with the girl I keep wishing I could be with
I wanna go back to long hugs and promises we’ll always keep
I wanna go back to adoring you as you fall asleep

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