My Wish

There’s a thousand unread messages in my phone
But without a response from you I might as well be alone
I hate that it always takes your silence for me to see your side
I never realized my hurt just made you relive everything you try to hide
You try so hard to be there but you just can’t lose him again
It doesn’t matter I’m not him, you still love me and I’m still your friend
You never meant to go back on your word you just feel helpless
You just don’t get how I could love you and want to cause more stress
People already love not treating you how they should
And now the one who loves you most wants to leave like it’s all good
I can’t apologize for being sick but I can for being selfish
You have to know and believe I never wanted to hurt my one and only wish
I don’t know when I’ll get over this illness or how
But I do know I understand you and your hurt now

2 thoughts on “My Wish”

  1. What I love love love about poetry is that you can’t take heart out of it without ending up with a bland pointless message. And how a wonderful piece can happen anywhere.

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