A random text gets sent and next, I have a best new friend
I send you songs and write you poems, I’m fallin’ again
You share your past and I share mine, we’ve been through a lot
Then you wrapped your arms around me and I lost all my thought
I was your hype man/biggest fan and you were my shoulder to cry on
But somewhere along the way, everything went wrong
The first fight happened and it almost ended us
I spent the next three days trying to win back your care and trust
Then the holidays came around and all your Hell and hurt came back
You only saw red and walked around like it was pitch black
It was hard but by then I loved you more than my own life
Then my withdrawals hit and the only thing that kept me going was a picture of my future wife
You finally came back from your trip and I couldn’t wait to see you
We met up in a parking lot and you hugged me like you missed me too
Finally, everything was gonna go back to how it was at the beginning
But soon after war broke out in my mind and my episodes started winning
You tried your best to be there but it was just too much
You’d been through this before and your heart was still sensitive to the touch
And now here we are disconnected and apart
You’re hurting and I’m over here with a broken heart
You just can’t and I can’t stop, it’s getting harder to breathe
All these tears, all this pain, I don’t want you to leave
You’re my love, you’re my Day, there’s nothing you can’t do
Just come back, I know you’re still there and still love me too
We’ve worked too hard for this, we can’t just give up
Let’s just change the subject and enjoy each other, we’ve been through too much


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