It’s funny how interest turns to indifference when you get to know someone
It’s funny how showing love turns into the opposite when it’s all said and done
You said you were working on you meanwhile fishing for likes
It’s all smile and photoshop but what happens when you’re alone at night
You probably consider this a judgment because you can’t take the honesty
I won’t lie I felt lucky after every response you typed to me
But after all the stories and over drama it seems like you just want attention
All the love isn’t enough, you can’t stand being an honorable mention
You want the fame, the spotlight, and all the praise
You got the lingo down; it’s all spiritual and love for whoever makes your day
The narcissism is there but props to you for hiding it so well
You’re so talented no one would ever expect the real you from you
I’ll probably get blocked for this but I already planned for this
It’s no shade or hard feelings, these true colors are just too bright to miss
And to think I spent real effort and love into everything I told you
All in attempt to make someone I believed in to believe they were better than people like you

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