Family Issues


Dim the light, crack open the 211’s, and let the beat go
I’ll tell everything you lyin’ gossipin’ niggas been asking around to know
You say we’re blood and it’s all love but I’m not convinced
You can’t tell me how you paid for my abortion and wonder why you haven’t seen me since
Regardless of it was a lie doesn’t change the fact that I’m adding middle fingers to my goodbye
I’m sure once the news gets around you’ll be cursing me and throwing dirt on my name
But just know that the hate is mutual and even with forgiveness it’ll never be the same
And unlike y’all bipolar ass niggas when I say I’m done I actually mean it
None that “It was a long time ago” and “I didn’t really mean it”
So, by all means, take the shame and spread lies about me to cover it upJust know I’ll be keeping that same energy the day I finally show up
All that bravado and false sense of pride
A bunch of suburban house niggas who only tell stories about they ride
You got too much to lose so it’d be wise not push me
Yeah I said that, it’d behoove you not bring the Chi side out of me
You forget my last name was my mom’s maiden name first
I was raised in the South by the North, it’s a gift and a curse
You get stumped in arguments and resort to name callin’ and swinging
But we play by different rules, get to actin’ out and we’ll let the 45’s do the singin’

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