I’ve lost all my confidence
None of these rhymes makes sense
I just wanna hang up the pen
And put V. Fall to an end
Who would miss me
Who would look over my dead body and kiss me
I’m known for being a direct asshole
I’m hated for putting it in your girl’s third hole
But everything isn’t what it seems
I’ve been seeing the same girl in all my dreams
Of course, she got a man but I still catch her starin’
She says she’s an open relationship without carin’
That’s temptation in the perform form
That’s that watch Netflix while I keep you warm
Meanwhile, there’s this other girl I’ve been talking to
She’s the type to get on every nerve inside of you
We’re doing long distance even though she’s only fifteen minutes away
She constantly bitching about her ex but still gives her the time of day
“That’s why I really be smokin’ and I really be drinkin’”
These fucking SA bitches got me fucked up, the fuck was you thinkin’


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