What I Have Left


I’ll let you in on a little secret about me
I’ll show you something no else can see
When I was a younger I saw shadows in the dark
I was never the type of kid to go to the to park
The devil pursued me and gave me dreams
He made believe nothing is as it seems
Now I know things I shouldn’t know, I know the truth
I know the reason behind everything I went through as a youth
How many nights will I spend alone
How many places will my heart call home
I thought I had a destiny, I thought I had purpose
I never thought I’d turn out to be so worthless
But here I am without you or them
Here I am with mortality as my biggest problem
What if I told you I was dying, what I was actually trying
Trying to be the best friend I could, trying to ask for forgiveness without crying
I don’t deserve them, her or you
But I honestly don’t know what else to do
I’ve lost everything, I don’t have a future
All I have is regret and the memories of who we were


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