Memory Lane


Having lunch at Kona Grill, I really hope you’re not the next Steph
I hope when it’s all said and done our friendship is left
Bottles of Pinot Grigio for all the stress and pain
Confessions to you about past hurt and why I feel like I’m going insane
I remember when you had a thing for me and I thought you were the best ever
We used text all the time, I was always so flirtatious and clever
But something always happened, something always went wrong
You’d disappear and I’d be left trying to act like I was strong
I never understood it but now I know
Now I know despite everything I can’t let you go
Friends to the bitter end, I’m your ride or die
I just ask that you don’t hold back, that you try
I know I’m not the best looking or one with a lot of money
But you inspire me, you push me to be the best me
The potential I don’t see in myself but you see in me
The only person that makes me feel like I’m truly free


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