Having conversations about life and who you’ve been seeing
Questioning me about why I’m still holding on and believing
Always playing hard to get, saying you’re not playing hard to get
But girl but I never give up and I never quit
I still remember the first time I saw you
Trying to make small talk, I didn’t know what else to do
Then you went back to Corpus for school
You were so fine and I was furthest thing from cool
Then I hit you up just to find out you were already linked up
So I backed off but told myself I was next up
Sure enough things happens and he didn’t deserve you
But by then I was in Arkansas with nothing to do
But that didn’t matter you stayed on my mind
A couple of years later it was finally my time
But then you were a woman scorned and I was too young
Our song had ended before it was ever sung
Not mention our prides and wills we’re just too strong
Our personalities conflicted, we were both wrong
Unwilling to admit it we just stopped speaking
Then I moved back to town right when our potential was peaking
So much time had passed, all our issues were in the past
But you still swore it wouldn’t last
You still kept me at bay
Now it’s a few years later and I’m still here to stay

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