Maybe One Day


Starring at pictures of you from other the day
Wondering how these dudes ever let you get away
Like they must be dumb or blind, no pun intended
And to think there was a time when you were unfriended
Now it’s all love, it’s all good or so I assume
I know you and I know your heart still has room
Room to love or room to be who you were in the past
All the reasons why our friendship never seems to lasts
You don’t have to admit it but we both know it true
We both know sometimes Christianity is just something you do
Getting defensive, accusing me of making you feel like shit
But girl trust me you ain’t the only one full of shit
Determined to either better of expose you
Claiming to be a good person so let’s see what you do
Let’s see how you are when I really need a friend
Let’s see what you do when all the small talk comes to an end
I’m not convinced, I think you’ll fold
No response mixed with excuses you know are played and old
Offended and defensive but I’m just being real
But who knows maybe one day you’ll tell me how you really feel

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