In Defense of Our (White) Queens

2016-10-14 21.19.06-1

I used to think you were the best thing since sliced bread
I used to wanna know all the thoughts going through your head
Brunette or blonde, I loved everything about you
A relationship with you would’ve been a dream come true
Then I finally got my chance but it wasn’t what I expected
You started to say things I never should’ve accepted
We eventually came to an end and I started to watch you closer
I soon realized my skin was one of the reasons why we were over
Recently broke hearted and deeply conflicted
I wanted to pay you back for all the pain you inflicted
But then I realized you were the angel of this nation
And accusing you of anything was out of the question and conversation
So instead of blaming you I shifted it to our society
It’s their fault you believed you were too good for me
Your conceit was unconscious, you sincerely couldn’t help it
And no what how many times you donated and volunteered it would never quit
Your whole life you’d been told you were the definition of perfect


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