Talking reckless causing chaos and panic
The depression is back I hate being manic
Trying to skip today and this episode
Trying my best not to explode
All my friends like “I never knew”
But I’m the king at not leaving a trace or clue
I play it off so well
But I swear everything they say about mental illness is true
There’s really nothing you can do
It really does become a part of you
It sounds crazy but I wouldn’t change a thing
Without it I probably wouldn’t be able to rhyme everything
You call it insane I call it art
You’d watch your words if you were smart
Poems aimed at your flaws and pride
Let’s see who you really are inside
You try brush it off but you can’t hide
I could care less about your side
I’m done with all your stories
You say you’re not bothered then ignore me
Your passive aggressive remarks bore me
You want a face to face and I agree
Let’s talk it out and see
See if you are who you say you are
See you if can take some honesty

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