Hopeless Hindsight

I first saw you on the first day of orientation

Slim fit body with a full rack no exaggeration

Desperate for a conversation but all I could do was stare

Hands down, you were the most beautiful girl there

Told me you were married so I settled for being a friend

A few years later that was finally over and I was in

It was a dream come true, you were a goal I thought I’d never reach

But there you were ready to love me, convinced by everything I’d preached

Then in typical me fashion I got nervous, it was just too much

Yeah, I wanted you, I daydreamed about a night with you and your touch

But never had I ever been good enough for you

What was I gonna do with a dream I never thought would come true

So I ran and now years later you’re all I think about

Now every time I say you’re all I want there’s some strong doubt

But I guess it’s what I deserve after causing your heart harm

I guess I’m just suffering from this Karma tattoo on my arm


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