Lately, it’s been long days and nights on both sides
God only knows what we’re going through inside
Withdrawals got me texting you wishing I was dead
Meanwhile, you get abused by your bf who really wanted to be your lover instead
On top of that, the man you ignore my love for blames and refuses to fight for you
So at the end of the day, you’re left crying over people who don’t deserve you
I can’t wait for the day my financial and legal troubles are done
On that day I’m coming to win over the heart I’ve been should’ve won
I’m taking you as mine and loving you every second of every day
A year from then I’ll probably get on a knee and promise to love you in
every way
You deserve that at the very least and so much more
You deserve someone who’ll write you poems about how he can’t help but love you more and more


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