Friend requests from another lifetime
Back when you would prank call me
Back when your best friend wanted to be mine
Back when I had to set a girl, I still think about, free
And had nothing better to do but stay on the phone
If only you knew how much I hated being alone
Talking about anything to everything
A couple of strangers that got along a little too well
I’d be lying if I said none of it had meaning
You’ll probably never admit it but I could tell
Remember when I came to see you on my birthday
You set me up, that was well played
Low-key your shenanigans used to make my day
I hated that place but sometimes wish I would’ve stayed
What if your best friend hadn’t liked me
What if you hadn’t thought you and that guy were meant to be
Do you ever stop to think about that
Ever wonder what would happen if we could go back

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