To The Most Humble Pretty Girl I’ve Ever Met


Hey, I just wanted to apologize
Because I finally realize
All my efforts have been in vain
And at this point I probably sound insane
But I just wanted to take a chance
Have one last dance
Before I gave up someone I thought was worth it
Someone I swore was perfect
Not to say you aren’t but I’ll never know
Since this is as far as things always seem to go
Not that I can really blame you
If I was you I’d probably do the same
If some random nigga approach me
Writing poems and spitting game
But that’s just what I’m good at
Saying stuff I’ll probably wish I could take back
Not because I didn’t mean it but because it’s embarrassing
To finally find the courage to say everything
Just to find out it doesn’t mean a thing
I also didn’t want to be a cliche
I just wanted to be different
I just wanted to make your day
But sometimes you’re just not the one
Sometimes it’s just hopeless romance and fun
But you’ve been a hope and inspiration
An unexpected good conversation
I’ll never forget the first picture I saw of you
To this day there’s very few girls that can touch you
I don’t really want to give up
But at this point it’s probably best if I just shut up
Just know if I ever happen to cross your mind
I’ll never be too hard to find
I’ll always be your biggest fan
Take care
Sincerely, Just a man

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