I give up everything, I give up on you
I give up everything I thought was true
I just wanna enjoy the little time I have left
I just wanna drink to forget all the ones that left
I’m talking Nadia, Katie and Michelle
I’m talking Tressa, Courtney and Gisele
It’s funny how often lust doesn’t turn into love
It’s funny how we can our bodies with people we no longer think of
Daydreaming about the day I fall in love again
You never know, maybe I’ll get rich and marry a Kardashian
Khloe so perfect what do you think
If only I wasn’t brought back to reality every time I blink
I need a drink


“I’m not naming any names but…”


Hey let’s talk about something no one else knows
Just trust me and see where it goes
Let’s talk about your past and why your relationships don’t last
Let’s talk about what was on your mind when had that cast
Tell me about your parents and drug addiction
Tell me about your worst fears and deepest conviction
I wanna know about the girl I thought I knew from my youth
I wanna know the real you, I wanna know the truth
I know you have your guards, I know your suspicious
But I swear on everything this will always be between us
I promise this is genuine, I promise I really care
And as long you’re willing to try I’ll always be there
This isn’t about me or them, this is about you
This about you being perfect despite what you’ve been through
I know you don’t wanna think about it and I understand
But me and God love you and there’s a good part to this plan

An Act of Desperation


There’s something I need to see before my eyes fail me
I need you to show me if the love is real, don’t tell me
I know my time is coming, I try not to think about it
I know you think we’re all going to Heaven, but I highly doubt it
Debating the gaps in your theology, I know you’re offended
But the gospel is all I got so I have no choice but to defend it
Sending up prayers for change and then praying for answers
Sometimes I feel like my prayers are just words
Still putting pen to page because love is a verb
Yeah, I’m still the greatest the last I heard
The King of Poetry and the Joker of Death
I swear it’s me against the world and God is the ref
Poems, Women, Alcohol, attention; I’m addicted
Ambition, true love and bitterness; I’m forever conflicted



I wanna talk about God and love
I want the best I can do to be enough
I wanna get rich and give back to the city
I want the Spirit of God to live in me
Mortality is setting in, I don’t have a lot of time
I don’t have time to talk about everything on my mind
I have to store up my treasures in Heaven
I have to help my brothers outside the Seven-Eleven
Father please forgive me, I don’t wanna go to Hell
I don’t wanna be a story You’re too ashamed to tell
I want You to claim me in front of Your Father’s angels
I need Your blood to save me from every angle
I wanna get to work, tell me where to go
Tell me You love me, I’ve been dying to know
I’ve been dying of thirst, I’ve been dying of pain
I’ve been trying my best not to relapse and go insane
I need to be okay, I’m tired of doubt
I need my Savior, I need a way out



Hey, can I have a couple minutes of your time? First of all. I ask that you don’t repeat this to anyone. Don’t put me on blast for my honesty. But I wanna start out by saying that as well know you are very pretty, and not the ratchet pretty that’s trying too hard for attention but the pretty that’s beautiful. I’m here to ask you out. I’ve lived in a quite a few cities and although I’ve never been in a relationship with anyone from here, my hometown, I always come back to you all. In all honesty the girls here understand me the best. You’re the type of girls that if you can prove yourself or convince them to fall for you they’ll never leave or give up on you: true ride or dies. I always and forever love that. It’s the definition of real. However I’m not here to be your “bad decision”, “fuck boy”, or “nigga”. I’m here to be your man, but only in the event that I can convince you to be my woman. That being said, I wanna ask you out to lunch. You have two options: You can text me your location as you’re getting ready and I’ll come pick you up or you can text me when you’re done and I’ll tell you where to meet me. I prefer the first option for the sake of chivalry but I don’t mind either way. The point of me doing and saying all of this is to prove to you that I’m not playing games and this isn’t lust driven; it’s genuine interest. I promise our that until the time permits our conversations will never be this serious again. And yes I’m aware that you may not want to do this, especially not with me but no man or woman wakes up in the morning not wanting to meet the love or potential love of their life. So give it a chance. Say yes and just see what happens.

Sincerely, V. Fall

Hypothetically Speaking


If I tell you the truth about me will you stay
If things turn for the worst will still give me the time of day
Will you believe them or try to see my side
Can I trust you to trust who I am on the inside
Would I have a better chance with you if I was rich
Do I have to convince you to love me, do I need a pitch
Is true love to you true love or is it just business
What happens if your financial standards come up nonexistent or less
What happens when the valleys turn into lows
How do you deal with struggles you don’t want anyone else to know
Do you bail or post bail
Do you keep your loyalty or panic and tell
Will you encourage the twelve steps and go to counseling
Or forget about your vows and hand me back your ring

“How are you” and “That’s not true”


Reporting live from the city of rock bottom
The place where problems add up without the answers to solve them
The heat in my hand burning like my sins and passion
My passion to be great despite my suicidal distraction
Debating over razors, registered guns and pills
Anything that’ll take me out without having to feel
Just another victim of depression enter the suicidal obsession
Chardonnay and Moscato are you’re only chance of confession
Mentally ill so offing myself is just playing it safe
It’s that or fantasies about the day I can actually afford a safe
I’m talking about Hollywood and Beverly Hills
I’m talking about a place where nothing is real
The perfect place for someone who lives in dreams
If only I could avoid what the bad ones mean