Best Friend


There’s wine waiting to poured
There’s a drunk fool trying to pray
Loneliness is all he’s ever known
This routine is repeated every day

His friends dwell in his past
Some left, some he pushed away
No one of them thinks he’ll last
In his drunkenness is where they’ve damned him to stay

But a God has spoken on His behalf
This season is almost over
That God has become His better half
He’s made himself his crutch and shoulder

Now his happiness doesn’t just come from wine
Now his future has a chance to be seen
Now nothing can change his mind
Now he knows what true love means


Donut Girl


You’ve loved, you’ve lost
You’ve loved again
You’ve loved, you’ve lost
You cannot win

What you don’t show
I still can see
What you don’t say
Still talks to me

Though you smile
It doesn’t show
Something dark deep down
Won’t let go

Who do you follow
What do you chase
Is it true love
Or a pretty face



They don’t wanna go to church today
They like being led astray
So in the wildness, they’ll stay
Death the only thing giving them the time of day
Meanwhile, I’ll be here saving the lost
Crucifying myself and paying the cost
Carrying my cross for salvation
Forget all your false praise and false re-dedication
Gap theology the only topic of conversation
All you so called Christians desperate for admiration
But how many people have you helped and saved
Better yet how many people have you failed to save from their spiritual grave

Woman of God


I’ve been daydreaming about you all day
I just hope when I see you you give me the time of day
Mesmerizing by your blue eyes and curly hair
I know I’m a thousand miles away but I wish I was there
But let’s not get carried away, you could be taken for all I know
But if not I’m begging you to just see how things go
You don’t know me and I don’t know you
But I know you’re a woman of God and God knows my love is true

No Gas


Don’t judge me but I just blew my last on a lottery ticket
Why, because money is the only thing that can save… forget it
It looks like I’m destined to work this nine to five
It looks like I should just be grateful to be alive
I’ve cut off everyone, family, acquaintances, and friends
I just wanna know when it all ends
I just wanna sip some wine with someone fine
Someone like the girl I can’t get out of my mind
But it’s looking like that was never meant to be
What I wouldn’t do to be the better version of me

A Way Out


Saying desperate prayers hoping He’ll spare the rod
Nowadays it’s strictly business and God
I’m talking a good ole day job
Because my life is just something else to rob
But I’m grateful to be here, don’t get me wrong
Who doesn’t wanna be owned for twenty and then say so long
That might work for you but never for me
I gotta do something, get famous, start my own company
Anything to make me feel like I was made for a purpose
I’m tired of drunk texts and poems about feeling worthless

Your Girl


A bottle of Pinot and Tyler the Creator
About your girl, do you mind if I date her
I don’t want her I just want the company
I just want a girl who’ll never love me
We’ll most likely get into an argument over something dumb
Get defensive and act like we’re both independent and numb
Then she’ll go back to you or maybe not
Then I’ll get a text weeks later from a number I forgot
She’ll tell you or him it’s nothing and to trust her
But deep down you’ll both know you’ll never be how you were