Hypothetically Speaking


If I tell you the truth about me will you stay
If things turn for the worst will still give me the time of day
Will you believe them or try to see my side
Can I trust you to trust who I am on the inside
Would I have a better chance with you if I was rich
Do I have to convince you to love me, do I need a pitch
Is true love to you true love or is it just business
What happens if your financial standards come up nonexistent or less
What happens when the valleys turn into lows
How do you deal with struggles you don’t want anyone else to know
Do you bail or post bail
Do you keep your loyalty or panic and tell
Will you encourage the twelve steps and go to counseling
Or forget about your vows and hand me back your ring


My Way Out


I’m tired of playing the victim in this fight
I’m tired of being the furthest from alright
I’m tired of being the asshole that always has to be right
I’ll confess all my sins, I’m not the best person
I just pray I can get His help before my condition worsens
But maybe that’s why I’m at rock bottom
Maybe that’s the point
Maybe I should starting looking in the mirror before I point
Maybe I can still be great before it’s too late
Maybe all it takes is letting love and letting go of hate



Having arguments with a girl just like me
I haven’t been V. Fall lately
Obsessed with money and fame
I just want you to remember my name
Rhyming about failures and heartbreak
Sometimes it’s just too much to take
Mixing champagne and juice
Trying to get this other girl to choose
Rather or not she wants me
Even though I’m far from who I’m used to be
Little does she know I want someone else
And little does she know I hate myself
Drinking everything on the shelf
I just hope she knows herself
I just hope she’s the one
Who can accept me for that I’ve done
I swear it’s not as bad as it seems
I promise this isn’t a dream

V for Vodka


The alcohol starts to kick in and the room starts to spin
I’ve been waiting for this feeling for so long
Lately everything’s been going wrong
Lately I’ve been drinking to stay strong
Fading away until I’m gone
And writing it all down for my generation
For once we can all relate
It’s sad alcohol is only way we can have a conversation
Too faded to remember my complications
Mixing so strong it might as well be straight
I should probably stop before it’s too late
I should probably stop adding to the list of things I hate
I should probably stop trying to alcohol to seal my fate

When Sober


Fiending for another drink
Not concerned about your feelings or what you think
I think I have a problem
I think I should’ve listened to them
They told me the feeling was addicting
They tell me my actions are conflicting
Flirting with the demons I’ve been resisting
They’re voices all in my head like, “you’re not worth missing”
Everyone thinking they know it feels
Comparing struggles on a scale of get over it to real
A cup of noodles or ramen for every meal
I love the Lord but I honestly don’t know what I’d do
If the devil offered me a deal

My Time


Had a couple of glasses and a night cap
Up till morning every night writing rhymes like I rap
Still writing about girls that were supposed to have my back
Still not sure if you know it feels to be black
Still waiting on that one girl to call
Done with summer sixteen, it’s Valentine’s Fall
Mixing all my thoughts with alcohol
I’m on a mission not to feel anything at all
Writing all the tales you’re too ashamed to tell
I pray it’s not too late for my generation
I pray I don’t fail
I pray I can make a difference
I pray I’m always myself
I pray I’m always different