Sometimes I just wanna go back to the Little Rock, Arkansas days
Back to the bookstore writing papers due the next morning days
Honestly I only went there to see the one cute associate with the huge rack
Honestly those things were the only reason why some of us kept coming back
I miss the Falls there, the cold and rainy night drives listening to Take Care
Daydreaming about how I was gonna get rich and get the fuck out of there
I miss being in love with Katie and still having a crush on the other Caity
I still think about the time I asked her to go on a double date with me
I miss Old Chicago and the one time they closed because it started snowing
I miss all those country girls who weren’t the best looking but after a few months started glowing
Life was horrible but a lot simpler back then
Funny how sometimes the road to Heaven makes you wanna go back to Hell again


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