What are you supposed to do after the honeymoon phase
When everything she says and does puts the same irritated look on your face
How do you hold your tongue ‘cause her feelings are already all over the place
But you really just wanna take some of that frustration and give her a little taste
What do you say when she asks you what’s wrong and the answer is her ways
What happens when you start to miss how at peace you were in your single days
And please don’t give me any of that “communication is key” bullshit
You tell a girl this type of stuff and the next thing you know her friends are telling her you’re not worth it
Then she starts secretly entertaining and confiding in whatever dude will listen
Now she’s acting different and you have to cope with all this new found suspicion
Now those little arguments turn into blowouts and she’s swearing he’s just a friend
Long story less long you end up alone while she learns how to love herself again


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