If I’m being honest

I feel like after all the work I put in I still might not ever be good enough
I feel like I’m tired of thinking the life of a black man is supposed to tough
I feel like I’m tired of only enjoying the life I have when I’m daydreaming
I feel like I shouldn’t have to censor myself to protect your feelings
I feel like I’ll give a fuck about a white woman’s rights when she gives a fuck about mine
I feel like I’m just saying what’s on a lot of nigga’s mind
I feel like I shouldn’t have to apologize for my oppressed inspired depression
I feel like feeling advocating for mental is only cool until you hear our confessions
I feel like everyone is understanding until it’s time go out of their way and care
I feel like “You’re not alone” is funny considering every time it gets dark no one’s there
I feel like calling you out on all your bullshit and daring you to defend it
I feel like I should really just tell you all of this but know you’ll just get offended


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