A conversation with @awriterssoulblog

Watching from behind the screen,
Darling, I’m not blind
Is your life so dull that you still keep tabs
Because all you seem care about is mine ?

Oh how I love your narcissism
And how you shift the blame
Accusing me of things you only know
Because you do the same

Don’t call me out with your petty words
Don’t you dare talk me down,
Not when your presence causes me to glower,
Not when all that’s left of us is this ghost ridden town

Oh how I love how you prove my points
In all your offense and accusations
Don’t do this, don’t you dare do that
Followed by your usual exaggerations

Why do I feel like you only listen to argue,
Like you’re only waiting to prove a point, cross your arms and your done.
Can you see our passion has turned into something worse
Or have your words blinded you to what we’ve become

Oh how I hate how you go on and on
Making us both into who we don’t want to be
All because you can’t bear to admit
You might still be in love with me


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