The Best Thing For You

We’ve had this argument a thousand times
Me versus you in the blame game
The truth is you’ve made up your mind
And I just don’t feel the same

You play your victim card
As I try to explain what I mean
Understanding reason shouldn’t be this hard
But we wouldn’t be us without this routine

You just want the love without the hurt
I just want you without the commitment
I know this isn’t good for your self worth
I know I should let go instead of being distant

One day I hope you can forgive me
I was just young and didn’t know what to do
I hope you don’t believe them when they say you were used
And you realize this pain was the best thing I could do for you

5 thoughts on “The Best Thing For You”

  1. Freshmen year of college, I was in a situation just like that. She wanted the love without the hurt, and I wanted her without the commitment. We went at it all the time: love, war and tears. We’ve finally parted ways. I can’t say I regret my actions, but damn, I will never forget that girl and that time in my life–both for good and bad reasons.

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