My Prayer and Psalm

My Lord and My God do you hear the things they say to me
They say this is the fool who waited for God to set him free
They laugh and curse me for the hope I’ve had in You
They mock Your goodness saying none of your promises are true

Father, forgive me for grieving your Holy Spirit
Do no let this deep darkness render my life forfeit
Do not let my prayers fall on deaf ears, do not let my calls for help be in vain
Do not crush me in guilt for my all hope is in Your Name

My Savior and King terrify my enemies with a look, horrify them with a glance
Remind them that You are the Lord my God, make my heart dance
Slap them all in the face and send them away in shame
Make them low as you’ve made me until the call upon Your name
Then fill their hearts and minds with peace and rest
Relieve them of their bitterness and pain, make them Holy and blessed


2 thoughts on “My Prayer and Psalm”

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